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I don't know what questions I should be asking my child's teacher.

Teachers can be very busy at times, so if you want to have a decent discussion - try to make an appointment where they can be focused on you. You can always take a family member or friend with you (If you like our Family So'otaga facilitator can join you).

In terms of questions, try and be honest with your child's teacher -

  • Where is my child at in Reading / Writing / Maths?
  • What are you doing at school to get them to their next learning step & what can I do at home to support you?
  • Have you got any books that I could borrow to help my child at home?

My child refuses to do their homework

Getting into good habits of self-discipline is a main benefit of homework. Try and make sure there is a regular time for homework and keep the mood light. It is also important that they have a good space to work, any table will be a good option (hopefully not near a TV).

We don't have the internet at home

Have you heard about Computers in Homes? A great initiative that will give you a computer and 12 months wifi after you complete their 6-week course! Contact 04-471-0815

I don't know how to help my child with their reading at home.

Have you asked your child's teacher for advice? You could ask them to model with your child what you should be doing at home. Don't be shy to keep asking more questions. Also... Have you seen our NEW APP Reading programme? The programme gives you a few prompts to keep the mood light at home during reading so your child enjoys their time with you.

My child seems to be struggling socially - this is impacting their learning.

Make sure you keep asking your teacher lots of questions - especially when you know something is up in your child's world.

We have a social worker at Holy Family (Katrina Peters) - speak to your child's teacher or one of the So'otaga staff to make a referral. Katrina works with students dealing with a whole range of stuff going on at home and can help develop social skills and process some things going on in your child's head.